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Daylight Savings

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Daylight Savings Editing

The Panasonic Voice Mail system has an advanced feature that you may wish to utilise for daylight saving times. By enabling this feature you can automatically have the Voice Mail set the internal clock one hour forward at the start of daylight saving. Then set the clock back one hour at the end of the daylight saving time. To set the start and end dates for this to occur click on the Daylight Saving button. The following screen will be displayed.

Picture 8: Setting the Daylight Saving dates

DayLightSaving.jpg (27482 bytes)

To enable daylight saving click the box at the top of the screen next to "Enable Daylight Saving". The daylight saving settings box will be displayed. Use the drop down boxes to set the start and end date for day light saving.

To disable the use of this feature, clear the box next to "Enable Daylight Saving".

When you are satisfied with the setting click OK. To exit without changing click the Cancel button.