PMc Software


       Programming Software for Panasonic VoiceMail and Telephone Systems



Installing VoiceMail Master is very simple. From Windows 95 or NT;

For floppy disk installation follow these steps

bulletPlace VoiceMail Master Disk 1 into the 3.5 floppy disk drive of your computer
bulletClick on START, choose RUN from the START menu
bulletType the designation of your floppy drive, followed by "setup"

For example, if you have placed the VoiceMail Master disk in your computer A: drive;

Type: a:\setup

bulletClick OK.

If you have downloaded the software from the internet as a single file then run the file by double clicking it to start the installation process.

bulletSetup will first copy the installation files to a temporary directory from which it will install. Supply each of the setup disks when asked.
bulletIf you have an older version of Windows 95 you may be asked to update some components. Follow the prompts to do this and when asked re-boot your PC. Then restart setup and continue as normal.
bulletNext you will get a message asking to shut down other applications. If you have other programs running then shut them down. Click OK to continue.

VoiceMail Master will ask you in which drive and directory it will be installed.

Picture 1 : Installing VoiceMail Master.

Installing VoiceMail Master

The recommended default is "C:\Program Files\VoiceMailMaster". If this is OK, click on the button with the computer to continue.

Setup will now install the files. When it is complete you will get the following message.

Picture 2 : VoiceMail Master setup complete.

Finishing VoiceMail Master

Click OK and setup will be finished. You are now ready to start VoiceMail Master.