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Welcome to the online VoiceMail Master User’s Manual.

VoiceMail Master is an easy to use PC based management tool for the Panasonic TVP/TVS100 Voice Processing System (VPS).

You will find everything you need to know about VoiceMail Master in this user’s manual. This manual guides you through VoiceMail Master in a step-by-step approach.

Features of VoiceMail Master

VoiceMail Master offers a range of features including:

bulletTime / Date editing
bulletMailbox editing
bulletMailbox Class of Service editing
bulletNotification Device editing / setting
bulletOperator editing
bulletPort Settings Day / Night
bulletDaylight Saving editing
bulletHoliday Settings
bulletCustom Menu editing
bulletReports for System, Mailbox, Ports, Class of Service.

What You Will Need

To use VoiceMail Master on your computer, you must have the following hardware (minimum requirements):

bulletA computer with a 486 or greater processor, 8M of internal RAM and a hard disk with 5M of free space. (Pentium with 16 M or greater recommended)
bulletMicrosoft Windows 95 or NT (Note the NT operating system requires additional RAM)
bulletOne free serial port (COM port) for connection to VPS
bulletSerial cable.
bulletMouse / Pointer.