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Port Settings

       Programming Software for Panasonic VoiceMail and Telephone Systems


Port Settings

The voice mail system connects to the telephone system via its telephone ports. Each of these ports can be configured to operate differently for either day or night mode.

From the main screen (Picture 6) click the Port Settings button and the following screen will appear.

Picture 20: Port Settings

Please select a button

Editing a Port

Click on the port number you wish to modify then click on the Edit button. The following screen will appear.

Picture 21: Port Settings Editing

Port Settings Edit

Select the day or night mode you wish to modify by clicking the appropriate tab. Select the company greeting, service type prompt mode and delay answer time from the drop down boxes. Note when using the Interview Service you will need to provide the Interview mailbox number and the Prompt mode will be locked into the system.

See the on-line help for details on each of the settings.

When you are satisfied with the setting click OK. To exit without changing click the Cancel button.

Port Settings Definitions:

Select the Company Greeting that is to be used from the drop down list.

Select the Service Type for this Port from the drop down list. There are four service types :

bulletVoice Mail Service: is a message taking service that allows people to leave a message in a mailbox. In addition the mailbox owner performs a variety of special services by accessing the mailbox.
bulletAuto Attendant Service: answers incoming calls and routes the caller to the desired extension.
bulletInterview Service: allows a set of questions recorded in the Interview Mailbox to be announced to the caller. This service could be useful to make inquiries or to receive repair service orders. When the Interview Service is selected you will need to specify the Interview Mailbox. See Mailbox Editing for more information.
bulletCustom Service: is used to define a set of services available to the Subscriber. Items such as the maximum number of messages that can be stored in a mailbox, the maximum length of incoming messages are all configured under the Class of Service. Up to 64 different types of Class of Service can be established. Note: Class of Service 63 is reserved for the Message Manager and 64 is reserved for the System Manager. When the Custom Service is selected you will need to select the Custom Service number from the drop down list that will be displayed.

Select the Prompt Mode from the drop down list.   There are four to choose from

bulletSystem : uses the system prompts recorded at the factory in English
bulletUser 1: allows you to use another set of prompts recorded by the Message Manager, which could be in another language.
bulletUser 2: same as User 1 but another different set of prompts
bulletSelective: enables the listener to select which prompt language from the above three. When selective is chosen you will need to select a prompt available to rotary callers. See Prompt for Rotary Callers below.

Prompt for Rotary Callers is used when the Prompt Mode is set to Selective. It specifies which voice prompts are used when no selection is made.

Delay Answer Time specifies how long the system waits to answer an incoming call in seconds.