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Following are some frequently asked questions (and answers) that may be of interest to you.

Also checkout the What's New page for the latest product information on upgrades and enhancements.

Q: I am having problems with VoiceMail Master and my TVS/TVP 50 what could be wrong ?

A:  There have been a few changes to the TVS/TVP 50 in recent times with the release of the Dash-2 ROM software. We think the Dash2 come out in ROM Version 4.  Please do let me know if have any better information on this.

VMM now supports the new port configuration which is similar to the TVS50's bigger brothers with additional port configurations that support break and lunch modes.  If your running a ROM version which is below Version 4 we recommend you use VMM Version 2.1.0 which will support your system.

If you have an older version of the ROM software you can always upgrade this and gain access to the new features !

Q: What is the difference between the Dash1 and Dash2 TVS/TVP 200 systems ?

A: The Dash2 is a new release of software for the TVS200. It is functionally very similar to the TVS110, with all the new features, such as Caller ID, Time Services etc that currently exist in the TVS110, but in the bigger capacity TVS200.  Because of the extensive changes between the Dash1 and Dash2 models, it is not practical to make the one version of VoiceMail Master to support both versions.  As well the Dash1 system will be phased out very shortly.  Thus you will find we expect this to be the very last release of VoiceMail Master for the Dash1 software, as there will be no more changes to this product.  The Dash2 software will naturally continue to be developed as time goes on.

Q: I am not sure if I have a  Dash1 or Dash2 TVS/TVP 200 how do I tell ?

A: The Dash1 systems are the original for the TVS200, the Dash 2 release has hit the market about July 2002.  If you have purchased your voicemail around this time, then the easiest way to tell is start HyperTerminal and connect to your system.  Go to the utilities menu and Type VERS. You should get something like this

$ vers


MAIN DISK : VJ91AC(3.05)
MAIN ROM : VC11A (1.00)

The Main Disk version number is what you are interested in.  V3.03, and is the earliest Dash2 release that we have heard of.  VoiceMail Master also displays the version number at the very bottom of the Main Screen.  (Available in VMM Version 2.0.11 onwards)

Q: How do I upgrade my version of VoiceMail Master ?

A: After downloading the latest version of VoiceMail Master, go to Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs" then select VoiceMail Master and click Remove.  Then run the VoiceMail Master self installation program that you have downloaded and follow the usual installation procedure.  You will not have to re-register your product, that information will transfer across automatically, unless you have changed PC's.  In this case you will need a new key.  Proof of purchase will be necessary for re-generation of registration keys.

Q: "Can VoiceMail Master for the TVS/TVP 200 work on the TVS/TVP 100 and TVS/TVP 75 or TVS/TVP 50 ?"

A: "Yes, as long as you understand the differences between the TVS/TVP 75, 100 and 200.  For example the TVS/TVP200 can have 8 ports, while the TVS/TVP100 can have 4.  This would mean if you try to configure a none existing port (eg port 5) of a TVS/TVP100 with VoiceMail Master for the TVS/TVP200 you will get an error.  Other things you can get caught with are number of Mailboxes and number of system services.  The exception to this is the higher models (75,100, 200) will not work with the new TVS50, nor the 50 version with the higher models.  Also the TVS110 is very different in quite a few areas to the older models such as the TVS100 which is replaces.  Thus this version will only work on the TVS110." It is a bit confusing I know ! :)

Q: "Why are they called TVP in some countries and TVS in others ?" 

A : Well rumour has it a few years ago Panasonic released a VoiceMail in the USA called the TVP 150.  This product has some problems and was quickly replaced by the TVS 100 and then TVS 200.  The name was changed to TVS so that it was not to be confused with the older model.  This older model was only released in the USA and Canada, so the rest of the world got the original name of TVP.  Well that's what I was told, Panasonic please don't try and sue me ! :)

Q: "When I try and set the date it comes up wrong, or I get an error, what could be wrong ?"

A: "You could have the wrong country support selected.  VoiceMail Master programmes the date format in the standard applicable to the country that the Panasonic VoiceMail is designed for.  For example:  In the USA the date format is MM/DD/YY, but in Australia the date format is DD/MM/YY.  So if you have The country support as USA, but are using a VoiceMail built for Australia, the dates will come out incorrect or generate an error.  To change your country support go to Setup from the Main Screen and select the correct country."

Q: "I keep getting 'Sync Error' when I try to Edit Holiday settings what could be wrong ?"

A: "Recent modifications of the Panasonic software at the factory regarding Holidays settings caused VoiceMail Master to fail when editing Holidays.  The latest version of VoiceMail Master fixes this fault.  You can get the latest version from the download page.  Uninstall your old copy from Add/Remove Programs inside of Control Panel, then install the new software.  Registered customers will not have to re-enter their registration details.  There is no cost for this upgrade and your existing registration key will work on the new software."