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The What's New Page

This is the page to check for lasted information on what's happening with VoiceMail Master.

As part of the commitment to VoiceMail Master Customers all upgrades and system enhancements are FREE OF CHARGE to your model of VoiceMail Master product for registered VoiceMail Master customers.

Coming Stuff...

Future releases will also have support for more Caller ID features, and support for Fax Auto Detection Programming.  More support for Day/Night features will also be included for newer systems.

Wednesday 15th of June 2005

Added extra features for the TVS50 in the holiday section.  Specifically added end date feature, and support for Trunks. All in Version 2.2.5

Friday 3rd of June 2005

Bug fix in the Holiday edit section when re-editing a holiday the date would default back to January for some date settings.

TVS50 now updated to version 2.2.4 with options support for comm ports 1 thru 99. Some other minor performance issues addressed. Admin password now supported.

There have been a few changes to the TVS/TVP 50 in recent times with the release of the Dash-2 ROM software, VMM now supports the new port configuration which is similar to the TVS50's bigger brothers with additional port configurations that support break and lunch modes.  If your running a ROM version which is below Version 4 we recommend you use VMM Version 2.1.0 which will support your system.

If you have an older version of the ROM software you can always upgrade this and gain access to the new features !

Wednesday 6th of April 2005

The TVS125 225 and 325 are updated to version 2.2.3 with a bug fix in the Port Report Reset option.

Thursday 27th of January 2005

The TVS125 225 and 325 are moved out of Beta after successful field testing.  We still have a couple of issues with the TVS95, but we hope to have them sorted out soon.

For Version 2.2.2 and beyond now supports the /mailboxusage command line option.

When VoiceMail Master is run with this command line it generates a new mailboxusage report and exists.  This feature was requested from a user so they could publish items from this report on an live website.  Thus enabling users to view their statistics from the web.  If your interested in knowing more please drop us an email and we will put you in contact with this customer.

Friday 26th of November 2004

A load of new features are now available for VoiceMail Master with the release of the TVS95 TVS125 TVS225 and TVS325.  VoiceMail Master now has a Beta Version available for these products, that will be a free upgrade to the full release product when it becomes available.

This Beta also contains support for the Administrator Password and for Comm Ports up to Port 99.

Monday 30th of December 2002

Programator for the Panasonic KX-TA Y581 and Y591 systems. Is released for resale from PMc Software.  This product is on sold by PMc Software and support is also offered by us and our product partners.

Monday 23th of December 2002

Version 2.1.5 for the the TVS90 is released following some small problems found in the TVS90 Version.  Specifically VoiceMail Master would not connect as it was trying to connect as a TVS120 system !  All TVS90 users should upgrade to this version.

Friday 20th of December 2002

Version 2.1.0 for the the TVS90 TVS120 TVS220 and TVS320 are now ready for release and available from the Download page.  Version 2.1.0 for the TVS50 TVS80 TVS110 and TVS200 have also been released.  There is no change to the actual product, however the install program has been made more user friendly and will install into a "VoiceMail Master" Group in program groups. No upgrade has been done for the TVS75 TVS100 or TVS200 Dash 1, as these products are no longer in production, However the download page has the most recent copy of this software. 

Thursday 17th of October 2002

Version 2.1.0 Beta for the the TVS90 TVS120 TVS220 and TVS320 are now available for testing.  Beta Versions are quite safe to run on your PC, however we ask that you take care and backup your PC and VoiceMail data manually, just to be safe. 

People who are interested in participating and helping to sort out any problems should drop me an email  You may even be entitled to a free copy of the product when it becomes available !  This is at PMc Software's discression.

It is also rumored that the TVS50 will have a Dash 2 version released shortly. If you have this version please contact PMc Software as we would dearly like to have a look at this version.

Monday 9th of July 2002

Version 2.0.11 for the TVS200 Dash1 is released.  This is expected  to be the last release of the original TVS/TVP200 VoiceMail Master software.  This is due to the arrival of the new Dash2 software in the TVS/TVP200.

Friday 21st of June 2002

Version 2.0.11 for the TVS110 is released.  This new version now supports programming of Time Groups.  As well it supports the programming of Lunch Time setting and Break Time Setting under Time Services and Operator Settings.  These are applied via Port Settings which have also been extended to support Lunch and Break modes.  The Port settings now also support "N" setting for "Company Greeting" which disables this feature and "S" for System Greeting  (The rather annoying "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening" prompt).  All these Time Groups and Time Services can be a little confusing, so we hope the help file does earn it's keep. 

Fixed is a small bug which causes VMM to miss reading the settings on some dates in Day Light Savings settings.

Fixed a another small problem that may effect uploads if no response is received from the VoiceMail.

Fixed a change in behaviour that effects modification of the System Mailbox Notification settings.

Call Forward to CO now supported under Mailbox settings.

This new version will be available to other Models of TVS/TVP systems shortly.

Wednesday 6th of June 2002

Version 2.0.10 is released for the TVS110.  This version supports the Multiple Time Services now available in the new TVS110 VoiceMail system.  All features are now working for this release.  This version also supports a display box on the Main Screen indicating the ROM version of Panasonic software in your VoiceMail system.  New releases for other TVS versions will also have this feature.

Wednesday 15th of May 2002:

Version 2.0.10 is released for all versions, support for Class of Service setting "0 for Unlimited" on "Mailbox Time Capacity" and "Maximum Message Length"

Sunday 28th of April 2002:

Version 2.0.9 is released for the TVS/TVP200 with a programming fix to support 12 ports This is the new maximum capacity.  This is up from the old max of 8.  Also supported are the 12 ports in Holiday settings.

Monday 15th of April 2002:

Version 2.0.8 is released for all systems.  This is a bug that effected only some users and was actually a fault in the Installation program.  Must speak to Bill about that one...  The TVS110 has a bug fix for Reset of Port Usage and Mailbox usage.  An outstanding issue remains with Day\Night Modes for TVS110.  We are working hard to resolve this and expect a result shortly.  We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Thursday 4th of April 2002:

Version 2.0.4 is released !  After much development work and many emails to my Beta testers (thank you all !!) Version 2.0.4 is finally ready for release.  The big news for this version is the ability to download and upload system data to and from your PC.  

Included with this release is the release of the TVS110 software.

As well as this the new software also has correct support for Day/Night modes which seems to have changed yet again from the Panasonic factory.

We have worked hard to make VoiceMail Master compatible with all earlier versions of TVS/TVP software.  However if you are upgrading from older software, and you find a fault, please let us know and we will do our best to rectify this.

Tuesday 12th of February 2002:

Version 2.0.0 Beta for the TVS50 is available for testing.  This beta is identical to the standard product with one major addition.  The ability to upload and download to your PC hard drive !  Please feel free to test it out.  I do appreciate any feedback.  If your interested in testing any of the other versions email and let us  know.

Also available is a beta for the new TVS110, email if you are interested in testing this out !

Thursday 25th of October 2001:

Version 1.9.5 for TVS80 released !

This version is new for VoiceMail Master and is now ready for release.  Thank you to Phillip from Alpine Communications for your help in developing this Version of VoiceMail Master.

Friday 21st of September 2001:

BETA Version 1.9.99

The big new is VoiceMail Master has taken great progress towards the handy feature of being able to download your TVS/TVP system to your hard drive.  This version has basic support for this feature.  This software in not finished (Hence the reason of it being allowed out as a BETA).  At this stage only the download (VM to PC) component is active, the uploading to the system is still under construction, but should be finished soon.  Naturally we want to get this part right !

Bug fixed - If you change the number of digits in your extension and ran the Mailbox Usage Report, VMM would produce a blank report.  This has to do with information stored the first time you run the report.  If you have this problem this version will fix this fault, but you first have to reset the report (you will get a sync error) then restart VMM and all should work fine.

Speed increase for TVS50 customers, the TVS50 will support port speeds of up to 38400.  VMM now also supports this speed.

Friday 15th June 2001:

Version release 1.9.2

Two changes to the way the Panasonic TVS50 behaves have cropped up in some of the Asian countries that caused VMM to fail in the Day/Night mode settings and Port settings.  It is possible that this Panasonic software release will show up in other countries too, so if your having trouble with both of these menus then it is highly advisable you download this version.

Monday 12th Feb 2001:

Version release 1.9.1

bulletVoiceMail Master now supports limited editing of the System Manager Mailbox (999) and the Message Manager Mailbox (998).  Panasonic does not allow a lot of modifications to these mailboxes, however you can now reset passcodes for both of these mailboxes as well as Set Notification Devices on the Message Manager Mailbox (998).
bulletNow supports faster loading of "Mailboxes" screen.
bulletBetter support for systems that have 2 digit mailboxes. eg Mailboxes 10,11,12 etc...
bulletUpdates to all Versions of VoiceMail Master, which include a couple of bug fixes for changes that have occurred to the Panasonic range of product.  These include an error being generated when attempting to edit Custom Services, and when entering a invalid Mailbox Number for Auto Forwarding from within a Mailbox Class of Service.  These are not too serious and have only come about from modifications done by Panasonic.